You can't afford NOT to record.

According to a Pew tracking survey conducted throughout 2010, 84 percent of American undergraduates now own iPods or other MP3 players. The potential audience for audio textbooks has never been greater.

They'll learn. You'll earn.

The Audio Publishers Association's 2011 Sales Survey reveals that audiobook unit sales increased 10 percent over the previous year. As more Americans learn to multitask, audiobook sales will continue to grow.

The long and the short of it ... we tell to sell.

While Texts In Audio is known for its book-length projects, we also produce great-sounding commercials and voiceover work fast and affordably. Just call to let us know what you need.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can we know that our audiobook will be any good?

    One quick path to confidence is to click on our samples. But if you want to know how your book will sound, mail us a copy, or e-mail us an excerpt of your most challenging material. We'll return a five-minute sample, absolutely free.

    How long will it take you to finish my audiobook?

    Production time depends chiefly upon the book's length, but we can turn around most recording projects in six to eight weeks. Performing an abridgement, or scripting some content, usually adds to that time. If you need a project in a hurry, let us know your requirements, and we’ll do our very best to meet them—or tell you honestly if we can’t.

    Can you accommodate releasing an audiobook simultaneous with a print or e-book edition?

    We don't need a bound copy to produce a recording. We can work from galley proofs, PDF files, word processing documents, whatever. We ask only that it isn't hand-written! If we can read it, we can record it.

    How do you deal with graphic material such as photos, tables, charts, graphs, and diagrams?

    That's up to you. Typically, we paraphrase information and if the material is not otherwise presented, we describe or interpret the illustrated data as clearly as possible. We also reference links and set-up audio and video clips with a brief intro and outro. We try to assess this supplemental information's audio worthiness by asking ourselves if it further immerses the listener. Does it make the material more interactive? Does it make it stick? Bottom-line is that if it enhances the listener's understanding by making the core message more relatable and relevant in the real-world—great. If, for instance, a photo caption simply restates what has been written elsewhere, we tend to skip it. But we'll adhere to whatever guidelines you provide.

    Do you offer volume discounts?

    Our prices are already low for the breadth of service we offer. But high-volume customers do enjoy our Loyalty Guarantee.

    In what format do you deliver the completed audio projects?

    Whatever format you like. We can provide digital files (MP3s, AACs, WAVs, etc.) and a CD master set. Digital deliverables are the industry standard so we usually just provide a password-protected link to download the digital .mp3 files via .ftp transfer from our website. You'll simply login with your user name and password to access, save, and then play the audio from your computer, iPod, Android, or .mp3 player.

    Text-to-speech technology is getting better all the time, so why should we pay to produce an audiobook at all?

    Remarkable as current text-to-speech technology is, it still can’t compete with human readers. In the textbook realm, screen readers can scramble and ignore content—particularly when it involves charts, graphs, diagrams, photos, footnotes, and sidebars. Moreover, only human narrators can insert the very necessary pauses and inflections that automated readers simply can’t discern.

    And novels? Face it, an electronic reader can’t distinguish the thrill of a high-speed downtown car chase from the languor of an afternoon’s nap in the backyard hammock.

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    Can I get a cost estimate?

    Yes—and at no charge. Send a copy of your text to the mailing address on our contact page, or provide us with an electronic copy, or a word count. We'll get back to you within two business days.