You can't afford NOT to record.

According to a Pew tracking survey conducted throughout 2010, 84 percent of American undergraduates now own iPods or other MP3 players. The potential audience for audio textbooks has never been greater.

They'll learn. You'll earn.

The Audio Publishers Association's 2011 Sales Survey reveals that audiobook unit sales increased 10 percent over the previous year. As more Americans learn to multitask, audiobook sales will continue to grow.

The long and the short of it ... we tell to sell.

While Texts In Audio is known for its book-length projects, we also produce great-sounding commercials and voiceover work fast and affordably. Just call to let us know what you need.

    About Us


    Lots of companies produce scripts, voiceovers, and audiobooks, so why hire Texts In Audio? For one, we're small enough to care personally about each and every project. And for each opportunity you give us, we'll do our very best to honor our five-part pledge:


    Our narrators are broadly educated. They have extensive vocabularies. They're smart enough to comprehend a textbook's sophisticated nuances, and know where to punch-up a commercial spot. The result is a product that listeners understand and want.


    Texts In Audio handles every single aspect of audiobook production, until we deliver it to your desk in both CD and MP3 formats. For a modest administration fee, we can also arrange for budget-friendly duplication, packaging, and web-hosting options.


    We've read textbooks and novels. We've taught from textbooks and novels. We've recorded both textbooks and novels. We understand the genre's necessities: pacing, parsing paragraphs, and how to subtly pep-up any repetitive prose. You want your authors to come across smart, engaged, interesting, and exciting. We can do that.


    We're hungry, and we want your business. We'll work tirelessly to ensure that you're pleased with your audio text's quality. If you have any special requests, we'll do our best to accommodate.


    Our rates are transparent and reasonable. The length of the finished recording determines your cost. Plus, we do not charge audiobook royalties.

    Okay, we admit it, QSFFV is a lousy acronym. But we're audio professionals. We'll pronounce it undaunted.


    Co-founders Scot Wilcox and Kathy Snow launched Texts In Audio in Spring 2008 originally to address a serious gap in the worlds of academia and audio.

    After spending 20 years in academia, Scot ran a boutique audiobook business for almost four years, honing the craft and production model that enables Texts In Audio's reasonable fee structure.

    Kathy started her voice talent career in 1991 and brings 20 years of experience in radio and television creative, production, and marketing to the team—including significant voiceover work and as an online webcast anchor.


    Our bottom line is making clients happy by producing affordable, engaging, high-quality, spoken-word "human" audio. We will work tirelessly to ensure that every audiobook or custom audio project meets our own high standards and your needs. Should problems arise, we'll respond quickly and personally. In business as in life, The Golden Rule is our guide.

    We also hope to demonstrate that even in a competitive field like audio production, the most satisfying outcome is to do well by doing good. We know two things: 1) millions of people love stories, learning, and stretching their minds; 2) there just isn't enough time to cram it all in. By allowing avid readers and lifelong learners to exercise their imaginations or study while driving, working out, or conducting daily business—audiobooks make possible a wealth of self-improvement from building your skills or GPA to helping you secure a promotion or better-paying job. And hey, listening to good audiobooks is fun!